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With BP Log you can easily monitor and log your blood pressure, pulse and body mass values. The App can also sync your blood pressure, pulse and body mass values with the Health app. You can manually import and export the data to the Health app or automatically sync the values on capturing them in the BP Log app or on the app startup. The App also includes a cockpit page to display the main information about the latest captured values as dynamic charts and statistics where you can see the different min and max values and the WHO classification. You can create a user profile that optionally can be exported within the cvs export to send data directly to your doctor. Let the app remind you to measure your blood pressure.
Feature list:
• monitor blood pressure, pulse and body mass values plus the pulspressure and mean arterial pressure values (MAP)
• cockpit with dynamic diagrams providing touch support
• day time related data analytics
• dynamic calculation of min/max/average values
• WHO classification of blood pressure data
• statistics regarding the WHO classification
• Health integration - sync items with Health data
• create daily reminders
• create and manage user profile
• Export data as PDF or CSV file, optional include profile
• available languages: english, german
BP Log uses only local storage and health kit connections. Therefore your data is not saved on any third party cloud storage nor is an separate login required!
Do you have any suggestions or ideas for improvements? Don't hesitate to send us your feedback via the integrated feedback functionality inside the app settings.
Hint: BP Log does not measure your blood pressure itself. You only can manually input your data or import/sync data from Health.

Nouveautés de la version 2.5.3

Which function is still missing in the app? Write us via the feedback form in the app.
Changes in Version 2.5.2/2.5.3:
- Add day time related reporting
- Add export button to cockpit view
- Bugfix: display time values in single diagrams
- Bugfix: iOS 15 Tabbar colors
- Bugfix: deactivating time related reporting (2.5.3)
Changes in Version 2.5.1:
- Change input formatter for weight values
- Add hint for emty reminder configuration
- Bugfixes
Changes in Version 2.5.0:
Next long awaited feauture is now ready to use:
Weight (bodymass) values are now automatically synchronized with new synced blood pressure values if there is a value in Health that lies within the selected search period (see BP-Log settings). Alternatively, the weight values can be entered manually.
In addition, the settings can be used to configure whether the weight values should also be displayed in the summary chart. If no weight values are available, the values are hidden in both the summary chart and the single charts.
Changes in Version 2.4.6:
- Optimize Health sync on startup
- Fix synchron scrolling of single diagrams
Changes in Version 2.4.5:
- Small maintenance update. Optimized the PDF report layout.
- Bugfixes
Changes in Version 2.4.4:
We added hypotension classification of low blood pressure values.
We also added different new profile fields (address, blood group, health insurance information, ...) and the ability to choose, which profile fields should be included in the exported data.
Bugfix: saving changes of edited items sometimes could fail
Changes in Version 2.4.3:
We added a long awaited feature: Reminders!
You can create multiple reminders, selecting both the time and the day of the week.
We have also optimized the statistics display a little bit and made the app ready for use with iOS 14.
Changes in Version 2.4.2:
- Use iOS font size settings in dataview and diagrams (partly)
- Bugfixes
Changes in Version 2.4.1:
- Add PDF Preview
- Add data point values in single diagrams
- Add date and data values to diagrams in PDF Report
- Bugfixes
Changes in Version 2.4.0:
- New onboarding wizzard
- Generate/delete demo data
- Extended average view and PDF-Report with additional information
- Bugfixes
Changes in Version 2.3.0:
- iOS 13 support
- support dark mode
- ability to switch themes manually
- bugfixes
Changes in Version 2.2.2:
- add average values to PDF Report
- change font shadow in PDF for better printing results
- ability to attach log file to feedback mail for better customer support
- bugfixes
Changes in Version 2.2.1:
- changed gender selection in profile view
Changes in Version 2.2.0:
- integrate single value diagrams in PDF export (optional)
- minor bugfixes



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