Violet was an ordinary sophomore, until the day she met Ian. He wasn't just the mysterious new kid. Violet knew there was more to him. Determined to find out his secrets, Violet gets involved with Ian, who says he is trying to become immortal. She joins him in his nightly rituals under the full moon, where he kisses her passionately while casting black magick, and she is hooked.
When Violet spies on one of Ian's rituals, she discovers that he wants Violet to belong to him. Violet wants nothing more than to BE his. But she also has her eyes on his strange book, the Necronomicon. Now Violet's hands are not only itching to get on Ian, but also on his strange book of black magick.
Also included is a FREE preview of Bryexe: She Lives in a Dollhouse, coming Halloween 2015.



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