Merlin Carothers, author of the international bestseller Prison to Praise, shows how you can overcome your fears and live a life of vibrant faith and praise.
We live by faith or by fear, and the one we choose makes all the difference in the world.
Do you have faith that God works for good in all the circumstances of your life? Do you believe God wants to be intimately involved in your life and help you have victory over your problems?
Using insights and stories gleaned from a lifetime of joyous believing, Carothers shows how choosing faith over fear can help you overcome feelings of inferiority, conquer bitterness and anger, build stronger personal relationships, and create a climate for experiencing success in life.
He explores the way faith and fear work, offering practical steps on how to live a life of believing faith instead of doubting pessimism. You'll learn how to receive the gifts God wants to give you, pray effectively, and enjoy every day of your life.
Carothers promises, “As you experience release from fear, you will have new pleasure every day, new peace of mind, new excitement over the endless achievements you can enjoy.” From Fear to Faith is an inspiring look at the power of belief through the eyes of a man who has touched millions with his positive message of praise and faith.



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