John is a gay Midwesterner looking to spread his fabulous wings and fly away from his dreary Ohio hometown. Taking his recent firing as a sign that he should do just that, John packs his bags and heads to NYC. His best friend from high school lets him crash on her couch, but she doesn’t mention that she has an incredibly hot roommate named Hayden. Problem is, Hayden is as straight as they come, and giving in to his womanizing tendencies and bringing a new girl home every night. As John gets to know Hayden a little better and realizes he isn’t the nicest guy in the world, his schoolboy crush begins to fade. That’s too bad for Hayden, who is harboring a secret attraction and is interested in exploring a side of his sexuality that he’s never unleashed before. As John attempts to land the job of his dreams, Hayden decides it’s time to play nice and concocts a last ditch effort to show his new roommate that he’s not a bad guy after all.



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