War rages across a galaxy divided. As the Space Marine Legions battle for dominance, a mighty storm splits brother from brother. Imperium Secundus is a lone spot of calm amidst the madness, but as enemies gather, it is soon to be engulfed as well, Meanwhile, the Salamanders prepare to brave the horrors of the Ruinstorm and bring their primarch home. All this and more awaits in this seventh volume of fantastic Horus Heresy eBooks. This eBook collection contains the following novels and anthologies Legacies of Betrayal by various authors (includes 17 short stories and the novella 'Brotherhood of the Storm') Deathfire by Nick Kyme, War Without End by various authors (includes 21 short stories) Pharos by Guy Haley, Eye of Terra by various authors (includes 15 short stories and the novella 'Aurelian')
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As well as the tumultuous (to say the least) events of 'Deathfire' and 'Pharos', which drive Legions towards the ultimate showdown of the Heresy, this collection features no fewer than 53 – yes. 53! – short stories and 2 novellas from the heart of the Heresy, providing unparalleled depth and an overview of what all the major players are up to as the march to Terra begins.



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