VarTerels' Universe - Part I, UnFolding - Volume 1
Stalked by a vengeful DiMensioner, twins Ari and Brie, and their friends fight to save, Myrrh, the last remaining piece of Old Earth.
The fountain, Elcaro’s Eye, sits in the upstairs room of a cottage at the edge of the Terces Wood on Myrrh. Its water ripples into stillness. On the surface the long-awaited Unfolding manifests its beginnings…  
The DiMensioner, Seyes Nomed, a covert visitor, is back in the land from which its Guardian, Almiralyn, banished him as a child. Only her death, the destruction of her land, and acquisition of Evolsefil, the powerful crystal heart of Myrrh, will satisfy his lust for revenge. 
He recruits the death shadow, Wodash od DerTah, and five Pentharian shape shifters. Four young people become entangled in his diabolical web, one of whom, Seyes Nomad discovers, possesses powers that will enhance his chances to unravel Almiralyn’s Myrrh and destroy it forever. 
* * *
VarTerels' Universe, Part I - UnFolding
1. DiMensioner’s Revenge—with prequel Arrival
2. ConDra’s Fire
3. Master’s Reach
4. Companion—a searchable glossary and nine companion shorts
5. Jaradee’s Legacy—with Epilogue
VarTerels' Universe, Part II - CoalScent Cycle
(To be released starting Winter 2020)
6. Incirrata Secret
7. Corps Stone
8. To be announced
* * *
Illustrated Edition: Illustrations and cover created by the author predominately from photographs taken by the author.



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