"When Thinking, Saying, & Doing Coincide" is a mix of a critique and a guiding light for U.S. private home heads with respect to special assertive protocol against making wrong residential contractor choices; but then, for making the right ones. Of course, you will acknowledge the fact that, in all practicality, you cannot make a right decision about contractors but get the wrong results; you cannot make a wrong decision about contractors and get the right results. It follows, that, ideally, when you make the wrong decisions, you will get the wrong results; when you make the right decisions, you get the right results. That is the absolute mathematics of the situation.
For sure, these are significant to the Law of Cause & Effect. Successful contract-related home maintenance and improvement results, on any regular basis, do not occur by happenstance. On the overall, they normally occur infrequently. And, of course, at this juncture, the premise is per household. Subsequently, in cases where this success transpires on an irregular basis, it is normally because the head of that particular household is not really as informed as he/she could otherwise be about certain personal managerial inconsistencies. These are what project into and are responsible for the "irregularity" of his/her contract-related home project margin for success.
In this view, the premise of "When Thinking, Saying, & Doing Coincide" is to enable you to investigate, discover, and resolve fundamental issues behind those "personal managerial success inconsistencies." You will learn a bit more about how to successfully make your selection and hiring practices for the best possible contractors so well that it increases your probability for a seemingly endless procession for success in this area.



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