See how to learn 100 sums in unique ways.
Anyone who is struggling with basic math or wants to discover the value of numbers will be able to read pages from a chapter in my fantasy novel called The Search For Infinity. This instructional novel allows readers to discover patterns logically as Whysir, a bear cub, searches for his beloved caretaker, Infinity, a flying horse. Everyone will see easy to understand ways to master the BASIC FACTS OF ADDITION in this e-book and later in SUBTRACTION, MULTIPLICATION, and DIVISION in other e-books. Actual lessons for each trick and several tests as well as a variety of ways to state the answers are included. 
To see how the joy of learning and the hopes and dreams of mankind are woven together to enhance our learning experience, please read this epic novel for young children, The Search For Infinity. Then learn more about the entire Growing Whys•er with My Invisible Tutor Learning Program.



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