The spiritual practice of Buddhism has millennia of tradition to draw on; however, it never requires anybody to follow all of its teachings, and this is one of the great beauties of this philosophy of light: you can choose which exercises and practices to make your own, which ones fit your life, your situation, your personality and your stage on the path to enlightenment. 
In a world that is becoming more and more hectic, which gives less and less time to the nourishment of our spirit and of our mind, Buddhism has the life-changing, yet gentle power of a breeze that never stops.
Buddhism 55 Buddhist Teachings and Practice Paths For Incredible Happiness, Spiritual Healing and Self Awareness offers a wide range of exercises and practices that can change your life, enrich your spirit, bring you peace and heal your soul drawn from many centuries of wisdom. It leads you by the hand from simple, basic exercises to advanced practice, explaining each in detail and clearly, explaining where they come from, how to do them, what they are for and their beneficial effects.
Among the 55 practice paths and exercises in this book you will find:
-Exercises to improve your mindfulness
-Exercises to heal your soul
-Exercises to deal with difficult situations
-Exercises that will improve your visualisation skills
-Exercises that will help you find inner peace
-Meditation techniques, from simple to advanced ones
-Contemplation techniques
-Practice paths to help your Karma
-Practice paths to help your Dharma
-Positive affirmations



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