America abounds with different spectacular and mysterious natural formations like tunnels and cave complexes. Over the course of years, the country has seen buildings of all kinds rise up and develop in the different states.
Along with this development, slowly but surely there has also been an increase in the paranormal activity and hauntings of natural and man made structures.
What we see in this collection of stories are the different characters and activities of ghosts. It is not clear what renders a particular nature to a ghost and makes it do specific things. It probably has to do with the original character of the person who'd once lived and experienced emotions, hopes and desires just as we do.
Some might have enjoyed fulfilling lives while others might have ended their lives or died in the most unexpected way with unfulfilled dreams and wishes. Therein arises the complex personalities and activities associated with each ghost.
These chilling tales of different hauntings in America, some of them dark and mysterious, are bound to baffle and amaze you. Among these stories, you'll find varied haunted locations ranging from a cemetery, a stretch of road with a dark history, an auditorium and even a university campus absolutely teeming with ghosts...



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