SDR (Software-Defined Radio) is a generic term for a device that includes a full radio tuner in a “black box” with few or no external controls. All the tuning and output must be controlled through an external computer. This book covers the installation, setup, and operation of one particular very popular and inexpensive SDR device, the SDRplay, and the manufacturer’s version of the SDR software, called SDRuno. 
The SDRplay has an enormous range of frequencies available, including those for amateur radio, broadcast radio, satellite communication, TV, microwave, and a vast array of other frequencies. Being receive-only, no special licenses are required; although it is very popular with amateur radio enthusiasts ("Hams"), anyone with appropriate computer equipment can buy and use an SDRplay.
Inside you’ll find step-by-step tutorials on how to install the software, setup the device, and use your SDRplay. SDR has never been more accessible! This short book gives you a simple step-by-step walkthrough of all the options to set up your SDR receiver using many screenshots and examples. The entire process is detailed, from registering your device to installing the software, and more. Once that’s done, you can start listening and scanning the airways for audio and digital signals!



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