Have you ever dreamed that you could prophesy, or pray for the sick and see them healed? The desires of your heart are the first clue to the gift and ministry calling that God has placed in your life. 
If you are feeling stuck, or have undergone hardship in relation to your prophetic or prayer gift, this book will encourage you and provide you with keys to move forward in developing your gift.
Grow Your Prophetic And Prayer Gifts is filled with practical tips, inspiration and advice to assist you in developing your spiritual gifts, including prophecy, healing, intercession and discernment.
In Grow Your Prophetic And Prayer Gifts, you will discover the six phases of development of prophetic and prayer gifts from desire and birth through to maturity. —
Learn how to:
—Identify the season you are currently in for each of your gifts, including a season of wilderness and trial
—Find out how to break through to the next level
—Maximise opportunities in the current stage of growth in your spiritual gift
—Navigate the challenges and joys unique to the growth of prophetic and prayer gifts
Each chapter includes questions for personal reflection and group discussion
This book includes practical tools and the information you need to develop a plan for the next stage of growth in your spiritual gift.



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