Lightning gave her powers, but she paid a steep price.
As a child, forensic artist Molly Nyland survived a freak lightning strike that marked her skin with Lichtenberg figures and gave her unique abilities. She can now tell when what people describe doesn’t match what they actually witnessed. But if her powers are exposed, the countless criminals she helped put away could all go free.
Assigned to a brutal murder case, she has to work with a new partner, a detective she briefly hooked up with five years ago. To her dismay, the sexual tension between them still sparks hot and heavy. It makes Molly want to do stupid things, like rip the guy’s clothes off, or confide her secrets.
And as more victims of bizarre ritualistic killings are discovered, it’s clear that the town is dealing with its first occult serial killer. To catch the perpetrator before another life is lost, Molly must stretch the limits of her powers, not only to save her town but to actually stay alive.
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