Fringes Of Infinity Book One
At age 15, Lin Finity earned a deadly magical power and destroyed her abusive uncle. Afraid of it, she hid it away inside. 30 years later, it's back. She calls it Mayhem. And it's done waiting.
Lin faced her childhood trauma with all the strength and resolve she could muster, and she gained an unstoppable power. Terrified of hurting anyone else, she hid it away deep inside herself.
More than thirty years later, she lives her life as well as she can. She assists a veterinarian by day, she's a part-time actor, and she takes on other work that she tells no one about. She longs to live a normal life with Jack, but her secret past won't let her. Still…she gets by.
Until the destructive force begins to erupt on its own to protect her. Now she must learn to control it before it destroys her and anyone close to her. In her life full of romance, danger and adventure, Lin fights to unlock the mysteries within her and master the deadly power she claimed as a child.
She calls it Mayhem. And it's done waiting.
"Lin Finity And Her Mayhem Rising" is the first book in the Fringes Of Infinity series by Edward Allen Karr. If you like romance, suspense and devastating magical powers, you'll love the story of Lin mastering her Mayhem. Pick up "Lin Finity And Her Mayhem Rising" and begin the adventure today!



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