Fate hands former lovers a second-chance with the one who got away.
When Bryn Christmas ran into Jamison Cox at the airport, she was shocked. And why oh why did she have to see him again. She'd gotten Jamison out of her system. But there he stood with his mysterious smirk and come-hither eyes, looking as yummy as ever. It was hard to walk away from him, but she did it.
However, Jamison isn't willing to let Bryn go so easily. She's the one, and he wants her, even with the bad blood between their families. But Bryn isn't making it easy for him to win her heart. How far is Jamison willing to go to make her his, and what is he willing to sacrifice?
Get into this steamy contemporary romance now! Crave, His Second Chance with Heiress Bryn Christmas Duet (Book 1)



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