If you have tried everything imaginable, but have never been able to get microgreens cultivation right, then this could be one of the most important books you have read in years.
Do you want to know how you can leverage the cultivation of microgreens for profit and health? Are you interested in knowing how you can grow microgreens from scratch even if you are a complete beginner?
'Microgreens' is your comprehensive, go-to guide for understanding how to grow microgreens at home in an exciting way even if you have no farming or gardening experience. Within the pages of this practical guide, you will discover how microgreens grow, how to grow microgreens, the best conditions for growing microgreens, the types of microgreens to grow at home, and the exceptional health benefits of consuming these tiny plants.
It is a science-backed fact that microgreens provide more nutrients than their mature counterparts. However, with lots of wrong information about the cultivation of microgreens out there, it can be hard for beginners to separate fact from fiction.
This is where this step-by-step playbook comes in to help. Inside this book, you'll find a beginner-friendly guide to everything there is to know about growing microgreens and choosing the right medium for their cultivation.
Here is a preview of what you will discover inside this book:
Robust information on the history, origin, and benefits of microgreensSpecific ways you can transform microgreens and edible flowers into a nutritious dietHow to cultivate microgreens in your home even if you have zero gardening experienceThe various types of microgreens, their nutritious values and how to recognize themWhere to grow microgreens and how to choose the right equipment for cultivationAnd much more…
Whether your goal is to grow a small quantity of microgreens at home as a hobby, or start a large-scale microgreen farming business, you will discover the knowledge you need in this book.
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