Imagine sailing across the Pacific Ocean in a 8 meter sailboat and being followed by mysterious with the mysterious objects--UFOs--throughout the voyage.This is exactly what happened to Neb Borkovich and his sailing companion Donald Begay a full blooded Navajo Native American.'FOLLOWED' is a narrative of the encounters with the unknown,as well as their struggle to understand who might be behind this,what their motives are,what it means to witnesses personally,and to humanking in general.'FOLLOWED' puts the reader at the helm,allowing them to see what these men saw and feel what they felt.This is a bona fide,well publicized UFO case,complete with documentation and supported by thorough research of the subject.Combined with their daily sailing exploits,it makes for a great read on many levels.The book consists of two,equaly fascinating parts; #1. A description of of the actual events as they happened during their voyage from La Paz,Baja California,Mexico to Hilo,Hawaii and then to San Francisco in the Spring and Summer of 2000. #2.An analysis of the case,including video enhancements,drawings,expert opinions and correlations to other similar experiences.'FOLLOWED' brings the author and the reader alike closer to the door of the ultimate and undeniable truth behind the appearances of UFO phenomena in the skies of the planet.This book is not attempting to paint a rosy picture nor does it seek a validation of the author's views but presents you with the hard facts of a reality that is stranger than fiction.



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