The ultimate guide to getting fit at home with an easy 28-day workout plan.
Not able to get to the gym? Even if you are time poor and stuck at home because of lockdown you can get the body you have dreamed of: all you need is a plan! Instagram fitness star Courtney Black has pioneered the home workout and has developed her own proven method method of getting fit and looking good, with dramatic results in just 28 days.
Anyone can achieve a positive mindset to food and fitness. Courtney will guide you though the ultimate 28-day plan to transform your life and your attitude. Let Courtney show you how she went from self-punishment to body confidence, and how you can do it too.
About the author
Courtney Black is a fitness influencer and personal trainer, who has built an impressive and loyal following on Instagram of over 635k followers. Having battled with eating disorders in her teens, she understands what it is to have an unhealthy relationship with food and exercise. She is passionate about helping others to develop a positive fitness mindset and to embrace a healthy lifestyle.



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