Following the first two books of the "Christina" book series, both of which became bestsellers, the third book is now available. The first two books told the beginning of Christina's story: the extraordinary circumstances of her birth, her childhood and youth, and the beginning of her work in public up until spring 2018.The third book consists exclusively of Christina's own words, compiled from her seminars and interviews in 2018 and 2019. Christina tells us who we human beings really are, why conditions on Earth today are as they are, and which positive direction global development can take. She gives us confidence and hope for a future of inner and outer peace, and nourishes our feeling that, despite all the gloomy predictions, all will be well in the end.Further topics in Book 3 are: individual increase in vibration; purification of the soul; our body being and cell communication; our spiritual team; the great game of forgetting; karma and creative power; a school for heart-based learning; trust in your own heart feeling; the evolution of love; spiritual networking; childlike joie de vivre and playfulness.



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