Modern mages, known as Mage-Knights, materialize their souls as armaments. Attending a school for Mage-Knights is Ikki Kurogane, a failed knight—the Worst One.
One day, he is challenged by Stella, a Rank A knight, to a duel, putting lifelong servitude on the line. What Ikki lacks in magical power, however, he makes up for with his unorthodox mastery of the sword, leading him to victory!
“I’ll do it! Make me do whatever you want! Stupid creep!” Though she regrets her defeat, Stella begins to fall for Ikki.
Meanwhile, in the battle for the top of the knight world, the Worst One begins to grab the attention of every Mage-Knight out there, becoming known as Another One!
The curtain rises on Ikki’s school-based, sword-action underdog tale as he cuts through one powerful foe after another!



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