The objective of this book is to bring each reader to the systems of an A320 to study their normal operation and
to understand what is happening in the airplane while it is operated by the pilots from the cockpit.We will begin
with the generalities of the airplane, then we will continue to advance through their systems, starting from the
simplest to finishing in the most complex.It should be noted that in this manual we will cover all the contents of
the normal operation of each system, omitting the resolution of faults or the abnormal operation of each one of them.
Divided into four chapters, we will cover all the systems that make up the most sold and flown commercial aircraft
in recent years.This seventh edition of HDIW was created for anyone wishing to enter a commercial airline where
their fleet operates this class of aircraft; Or for anyone with a passion for aviation who enjoys the study of the different
facets of an aircraft like the wonderful A320.



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