True to his name, Ryan Holliday loves Christmas, as proclaimed by the tinsel and lights adorning his bar, Bangers and Mash. Sadly, the town Grinch, Paige Taylor--a woman who's locked him in the friend zone—missed the memo. When he notices her mood unaffected by the trimmings, he makes it his mission to help her find her holiday spirit. Who knows? His good deed might even coax St. Nick into granting Ryan's long-held Christmas wish to win her affection.
Any joy Paige Taylor might've known during the holidays had been killed by years of tense family events and phony joy. For her, this was merely a season of stress and artifice with her highly dysfunctional family. So, when Ryan, the sexy owner of the local bar sets his sights on her and insists she needs a visit from the ghost of Christmas present, she protests only half-heartedly. I mean, who wouldn't want to spend time with a sexy man? He'd grow bored with her, a history professor before long.
Ryan seduces her over Christmas trees, cookies and shopping but will the Christmas magic they find together last beyond the New Year?



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