Discover how to imbue your barbeque and grills with that consummate smoky flavor and take your grilling skills to the next level with the ultimate wood pellet grill cookbook!
Do you miss the "outdoorsy" taste of grilled food that is just impossible to replicate with a regular electric grill? Do you crave barbeque that is infused with that classic, rich outdoor wooden flavor, but have no idea how to achieve that special flavor?
If you're ready to finally master outdoor barbeque grilling, then this cookbook is for you.
In this special cookbook, you're going to be handed a foolproof guide to making awesome grills from start to finish using wooden pellets. From choosing the perfect grill to step-by-step grilling instructions, this cookbook is your go-to resource guide for great grilling.
Take a sneak peek at what you're going to discover in the pages of Wood Pellet Smoker and Grill Cookbook:
Everything you need to know about the wood pellet smoker to help you make great tasting grills every timeFour important factors you absolutely need to consider when choosing your first or next wood pellet grillStep-by-step instructions to help you start and operate the wood pellet smoker grill efficientlyA crash guide to wood type, their characteristic flavors and the food items they're best suited for13 important accessories for the wood pellet grill you need to have to make your grilling experience fun and safeOver 70 ridiculously mouthwatering and delicious wood pellet smoker recipes, from marinades and rubs to brines and glazes, as well as grill recipes for all moods from lunch and dinner recipes to dessertsA detailed list of cooking times and charts to help you eliminate the guesswork out of making amazing grills...and much, much more!
Whether you're new to the art of grilling, or you're an experienced grill master looking to level up your grilling skills, this cookbook gives you all the knowledge, tools and practical skills you need to make your best grill yet.
Ready to become a wood pellet grill master?
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