Elias Cardoza needs one chance, just one, to prove himself. He wants to fight Trent 'The Tank' Garrison, the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world, but his manager doesn't think he's ready.  
His sister, Nina, knows that Elias has the killer instinct. 
He knows how to survive, because growing up, they both had to. 
She fears for him, because he's the only person she has in this world.
Harper prefers men in smart business suits, not men covered in sweat. She's a journalist from the local paper and she's about to get the story of her life, even though she'll look out of place in the grime of the boxing gym, with her manicured nails and perfect hair. 
Underdog is a prequel to The Wrath of Eli, Book 1 in The Seven Sins



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