Does your child find maths tricky? Are they stuck on their square roots or puzzled by prime numbers? Help is at hand with Carol Vorderman Maths Made Easy.
Features include:
- Over 500 entries covering words, phrases, measurements, concepts and calculations
- Carol Vorderman herself guides you in the correct pronunciation of terms in over 85 audio clips
- Spin animated 3D shapes to see how geometry really works
- Explore over 25 galleries showing maths in practice, including angles, graphs, and lines of symmetry
- Interactive dictionary and search function, with enhanced entries that bring maths concepts alive
- See math concepts in action, with step- by-step explanations for addition, fractions, and co-ordinates
Designed for the iPad, Carol Vorderman Maths Made Easy is the ideal tool to learn maths. Perfect for children of all ages up to the first few years at secondary school - and for mums and dads who need a hand in helping out with maths homework - maths has never been more fun!



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