A guide to file–based music playback in the home, this book is for those who love music. If you’ve already dialed in your overall hi–fi rig and would like start down the path of computer–based audio in the quest for a very high fidelity digital source, then welcome aboard!
:: As the throughput of public IP services to the home steadily increases, digital entertainment is rapidly becoming file-based. The trend is most obvious in the proliferation of motion picture and video delivery services, such as Netflix, Vudu, CinemaNow and Crackle, but music is catching up. Now you can find a wide variety of music at better than Compact Disc resolution, much better.
:: To Serve & Groove walks you through the new world of file–based ultrafidelity music playback in your home. All you need is some time, some mad money, and a personal computer, and you can put together a music server that will compete with audiophile components costing many times more…



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