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The Real Story

The Real Story

Date de sortie : 2023-09-29
© (C) BBC 2023
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Date de sortie : 2023-09-29
© (C) BBC 2023
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How a flood exposed Libya’s broken state

How a flood exposed Libya’s broken state

The death of thousands after dams collapsed has sparked outrage against Libya's elites
Durée : 48:59
Earlier this month two dams collapsed after torrential rain in eastern Libya. Whole neighbourhoods in the city of Derna were swept into the sea.
More than 15,000 Libyans are dead or missing and the full death toll may never been known.
Since the ousting of long-time leader Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, Libya has been riven by power struggles and currently has two governments - a UN-recognised one based in Tripoli, and another in the country's east backed by General Khalifa Haftar.
He has been calling the flooding a natural disaster but many Libyans disagree, saying the eastern government had neglected the dams despite prior warnings about their fragile condition.
There have been protests in Derna against the leadership in the region but anger is also being expressed across the country. The anguish and anger across Libya have now developed into demands for an investigation. But who will conduct this investigation?
Libya is rich in oil wealth but the country's infrastructure is crumbling and the elites are increasingly accused of rampant corruption.
Could this be a reset moment for Libya?
Shaun Ley is joined by:
Mary Fitzgerald - A writer and researcher focused on Libya and non-resident scholar for the Middle East Institute think tank.
Tarek Megerisi - Senior policy fellow with the Middle East and North Africa programme at the European Council on Foreign Relations.
Elham Saudi - Co-founder and Director of Lawyers for Justice in Libya, an NGO focusing on accountability, human rights and the rule of law in Libya.
Also in the programme:
Othman Abdul Jalil - Minister for health for the Eastern Libyan government.
Noura El-Jerbi - A Libyan journalist from Derna but now living in Turkey.
Produced by Ellen Otzen and Zak Brophy
Image: A view from the area as search and rescue efforts continuing in disaster zones after the floods in Derna. Credit: Hamza Al Ahmar/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images.
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GUID : urn:bbc:podcast:w3ct4q78
Date de publication : 29/9/2023 à 11:59:00


Global experts and decision makers discuss, debate and analyse a key news story.

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The ability to ask relevant questions from knowledgeable guests, weaving a coherent commentary while avoiding a screaming match, marks this program. I listen to French and US emissions as well, but they rarely achieve this level of mastery.
Petit Cintre

Biased BBC

The BBC used to be the one (and almost only) intelligent broadcast where you could listen to all opinions on one debated subject : where you could learn and think.
Those days are over. The BBC, like all other closed self-censored radio broadcasts, is inviting and airing only one opinion: here, the progressive mainstream politically correct views.
Calling this show “The REAL story” makes it worse.

My favourite news pod

Easily my favourite news pod at the moment. Owen Bennet Jone(s) is an excellent moderator who would have a made a valuable to the recent debates during the us elections. Interesting topics very well covered. I look forward to hearing some more controversial topics in the future.