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Next Level University

Next Level University

Date de sortie : 2024-05-12
© 2024 Next Level University
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1695 épisodes
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1695 épisodes
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Date de sortie : 2024-05-12
© 2024 Next Level University
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#1700 - Every Change Starts In The Imagination

#1700 - Every Change Starts In The Imagination

Durée : 25:29
In this special episode, Kevin Palmieri and Alan Lazaros celebrate their 1700th show! They talk about how amazing it is to see how people have changed over time. This change can be seen in many parts of life, like the jokes we tell, the gadgets we use, and how we learn new things. They take us on an exciting trip to see how fun and creativity meet in our always-changing world, and it underscores the importance of accumulated knowledge and the power of education to unlock potential and catalyze change.
NLU is not just a podcast; it’s a gateway to a wealth of resources designed to help you achieve your goals and dreams. From our Next Level Dreamliner to our Group Coaching, we offer a variety of tools and communities to support your personal development journey.
For more information, please check out our website at the link below. 👇
Website 💻  http://www.nextleveluniverse.com
Any of these communities or resources are FREE to join and consume
Next Level Nation - https://www.facebook.com/groups/459320958216700
Next Level 5 To Thrive (free course) - ​​https://bit.ly/3xffver
Next Level U Book Club - https://www.nextleveluniverse.com/next-level-book-club/
Next Level Monthly Meet-up:  https://www.nextleveluniverse.com/monthly-meetups/
We love connecting with you guys! Reach out on Instagram, Facebook, or via email. We’re here to support you in your personal and professional development journey.
Instagram 📷
Kevin: https://www.instagram.com/neverquitkid/
Alan: https://www.instagram.com/alazaros88/
Facebook ✍
Alan: https://www.facebook.com/alan.lazaros
Kevin: https://www.facebook.com/kevin.palmieri.90/
Email 💬
LinkedIn ✍
Kevin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kevin-palmieri-5b7736160/
Alan: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alanlazarosllc/
Show notes:
(2:57) How far things have come
(5:51) 100-year time machine iPhone
(8:17) Invented concepts
(9:47) Accumulated knowledge compounded over time
(12:44) At NLU, we want you to win, so we’re providing tools and resources to ensure your success. Join our Monthly Meet-up every first Thursday of the month at 5 PM. https://www.nextleveluniverse.com/monthly-meetups/
(13:37) Thoughts become things
(16:43) Educational development
(24:46) Outro
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Date de publication : 12/5/2024 à 11:00:00


Confidence, mindset, relationships, limiting beliefs, family, goals, consistency, self-worth, and success are at the core of hosts Kevin Palmieri and Alan Lazaros' heart-driven, no-nonsense approach to holistic self-improvement. This transformative, 7 day per week podcast is focused on helping dream chasers who have been struggling to achieve their goals and are seeking community, consistency and answers. If you've ever asked yourself "How do I get to the next level in my life", we're here for you! 
Our goal at NLU is to help you uncover the habits to build unshakable confidence, cultivate a powerful mindset, nurture meaningful relationships, overcome limiting beliefs, create an amazing family life, set and achieve transformative goals, embrace consistency, recognize your self-worth, and ultimately create the fulfillment and success you desire. Let's level up your health, wealth and love! 

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