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The Earful Tower: Paris

The Earful Tower: Paris

Date de sortie : 2022-03-28
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305 épisodes
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305 épisodes
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Date de sortie : 2022-03-28
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The 17th arrondissement of Paris: A slice of family life

The 17th arrondissement of Paris: A slice of family life

It's Season 12 of The Earful Tower, The Paris Countdown: Here comes an-depth guide to the Paris arrondissements after we've spent 24 hours in each of them. This week it's the 17th arrondissement of Paris. The YouTube video that goes with this episode...
Durée : 42:36
It's Season 12 of The Earful Tower, The Paris Countdown: Here comes an-depth guide to the Paris arrondissements after we've spent 24 hours in each of them. This week it's the 17th arrondissement of Paris. The YouTube video that goes with this episode will be here, and the blog post will be here with all the pictures.
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Below are all the places we mentioned. 
Where we stayed Villa Alessandra @villa_alessandra_paris
Address: 9 Pl. Boulnois, 75017 Paris
The restaurants Le Dada @ledada_paris
Address: 12 Av. des Ternes, 75017 
Mamma Primi @bigmammagroup
Address: 18 Rue Boursault, 75017 Paris
Where we had a drink L’Ambre Bar @ambrebar
Address:  29 Rue Brunel, 75017 Paris
Les Caves Populaire @lescavespopulaires
Address: 22 Rue des Dames, 75017 Paris
The cafe Dose Café @dose.paris
Address: 82 Place du Dr Félix Lobligeois, 75017 Paris
More things to find in the 17th Cité de l’Économie money museum
Address: 1 Pl. du Général Catroux, 75017 Paris
Boulevard Pereire park for a walk or cycle
Square des Batignolles
Address: 144 bis Rue Cardinet, 75017 Paris
Id. d’épisode : 1000555425449
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Date de publication : 28/3/2022 à 08:15:06


The Earful Tower is a weekly podcast all about Paris, hosted by Australian expat Oliver Gee. With a huge variety of guests - from cooks and comedians to TV hosts and tour guides - this show will transport you to the City of Lights and make you feel like you've met the characters that make it shine.

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The most comprehensive podcast about Paris & France

Though I have not listened to all the episodes (I plan to catch up eventually) what I enjoy about this podcast is that the subjects and guests are so varied you can very much pick and choose which episode is right for you. I originally chose episodes with guests that interested me like David Lebovitz, Lindsey Tramuta, or Anne Stark Ditmeyer, but then I marathoned the season Oliver and Lina traveled around France for their honeymoon as I participated in the Champagne grape harvest. Going places I knew less about, such as Cognac and their grate-bottes, Oliver’s curiosity makes him a wonderful podcast host with a great sense of humor. I don’t know how he has the time to do YouTube, Instagram, and write two books, but he somehow has. Listen to this! FIN :)

The best podcast to be happy ‘

I am always so happy to discover a new episode. The host is so a nice and enthusiastic person it is lighting g up our my days each time I am listening the new episode.

This podcast makes me happy

Oliver like I’ve told you before on Instagram, through your podcast you make me rediscover Paris where I’ve been living for the past 10 years. Looking forward to a new episode every week. A big plus is your lovely wife Lina ( lovely Lina ) with whom you have a great energy ! Keep the episodes coming I’m sure you have a big things waiting for you in the future. Bonne journée. Emma

Ultimate podcast for Francophiles

This is THE podcast to learn about aspects of the French culture you may have never stopped to think about. Oliver’s appreciation and childlike curiosity for all things French makes every show original and utterly charming. He tracks down experts and expats to interview and enlighten listeners as to what it means to be French. Lighthearted and fun, Oliver’s mission is clear: Give French culture to the people!

Loving the Earful Tower !

I cannot get enough of this podcast, it just keeps getting better and better! Oliver Gee is a natural on the air - his self-depricating and light-hearted take on Paris life is a delight to listen to, not to mention his carefully curated range of guests and topics. Highly recommend to Parisians and past or future visitors. For my part, it makes my otherwise pénible RER journey to work go by in a flash! Keep it up, Oliver and bring on next Monday!
Diana 75010

Fun and fresh take on discovering Paris and its personalities

I listen to Earful regularly and really enjoy it...And I’m not just saying that because I’ve been a guest on the show (although that does certainly reflect well on Mr Gee’s taste in selecting interviewees) :)
Seriously even for a jaded old expat, the show manages to teach me a thing or two about the city. The guests cover a wide range topics and areas of expertise so if you’re a Parisphile you’ll find something interesting.
Plus the Corey stories at the end of season 2(?) episodes are super interesting little nuggets of French history and trivia.
52 martinis

A "must-hear"!

It's about time I leave a review here about this now essential podcast! Each episod gives me the assurance to spend a great time listening to the host, Oliver Gee, and a really nice bunch of guests! Full of good and innovative ideas, filled with a unique sense of humour, The Earful Tower gets you covered to discover Paris and not miss anything great that's going on there!

Fun & informational

The Earful Tower podcast is a great combination of entertainment and learning. Despite having lived in France for over 5 years, I learn or am reminded of something in podcast. They keep the podcast moving at a good pace with a change of formats nicely segmenting the sections of the show. After listening, I’m eager to go out and explore Paris against n and again.

Best jingle I've ever heard

Worth listening to just to hear the jingle twice... Other than the worlds best jingle it has laughs, facts and tips that will leave anyone who has spent any time in France nodding with knowing approval. Brilliant.

Class Act!

Authentic, creative and interactive for listeners near and far. It's an easy listening podcast that is both honest and entertaining. Quick fire round section is always a favorite!

So fun!

I am a native Parisian and really enjoy this celebration of French culture from an anglophone perspective. The tone is light and humorous, and the topics always delight me. Well done Oliver!


Fun and entertaining podcast about life in paris for newbies still finding their way around this amazing city.

A must for francophiles!

I've never really been into podcasts but really enjoy The Earful Tower. As an American in France, I can relate to a lot of what is being discussed and think Oliver does a fantastic job at being personable and picking interesting guests. Keep up the good work. I'll be listening!