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Making It Happen with Henry Ammar

Making It Happen with Henry Ammar

Date de sortie : 2024-05-20
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177 épisodes
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177 épisodes
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Date de sortie : 2024-05-20
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Season 5: #05- "Transform Your Love Life: The Power of Somatic Healing" with Lauren Zoeller

Season 5: #05- "Transform Your Love Life: The Power of Somatic Healing" with Lauren Zoeller

In this episode, Henry Ammar interviews the incredible psycho-somatic specialist Lauren Zoeller! 
Durée : 1:00:33
In this episode, Henry Ammar interviews the incredible psycho-somatic specialist Lauren Zoeller! 
This episode is absolutely packed with amazing insights from Lauren about releasing emotional tension from your body. 
Tensions that — if not resolved — will resurface as triggers that affect you, your relationships, your partners, and your inner emotional health.
If you’re the type of person who’s struggled with fully expressing big feelings, opening up emotionally, or attracting partners with the same emotional needs, this is such an important episode for you. 
Lauren is so incredibly gifted at breaking down our messiest emotions in a simple, super compassionate way so we unblend ourselves from our fear-based emotions.  
And that’s not all. 
During our conversation, she even went through a live somatic process for identifying unsafe emotions, lovingly embodying them, and creating safety within our bodies mentally and emotionally. 
We also discussed: 
Separating the experience of an emotion from being the emotion
Channeling rage, grief, and sadness in love-based, somatic informed ways
The real meaning of having healthy emotional mastery and how to reach it 
Why it’s so easy to get triggered and dysregulated in our relationships 
What happens when we do the work and outgrow our partners 
How to feel an emotion without letting it consume us 
Taking action from a fear-based place vs a love-based place internally 
This is just the tip of the iceberg!! 
So much goodness from that conversation … 
Enjoy the episode! 
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Making It Happen with Henry Ammar is a podcast that will provide real-world insights and evidence-based principles to create an empowered life that you can wake up excited for. The podcast is a mix of the best speeches, interviews, and any important empowering thoughts I will record intentionally to help you create a life you wake up excited for. It's time to fully live life making it happen the way YOU want it to!
Henry Ammar is a human behavior specialist, impact entrepreneur, award-winning empowerment coach, and a visionary leader with in-depth experience in the personal development, business leadership, entertainment, and education industries.
As a keynote speaker, he has positively impacted people across the globe, speaking to audiences as big as 35,000+ people at a time. Henry is also published in Forbes and is a two-time TEDx speaker.
In his professional career, Henry began in music and has performed on a Grammy Award-winning album and traveled the world sharing the stage with legends. Henry went from creating music to creating businesses, growing his Los Angeles based company into an international success.
Following the sale of his company, Henry returned to school and graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business.
Upon graduating, he put his knowledge to use by overseeing the investment and management of over $2 billion dollars in real estate. Henry graduated from Wharton’s Executive Education Program in entrepreneurship.
Henry now leverages his successes in music, leadership, and coaching to bring pop culture and practical empowerment together to free the world from fear and limiting beliefs and inspire confidence.
Henry has helped create powerful partnerships/campaigns for important causes reaching millions internationally. He has worked closely with the Exit Festival (Best Major European Music Festival) to create an international peace project with Yoko Ono and an international movement to support the severely hungry with the UN World Food Programme (Nobel Peace Prize 2020). He has also helped create many other campaigns and partnerships including a music project reaching millions to support Operation Underground Railroad to end trafficking.
Henry is the founder of the Ultimate Impact Institute for Leadership, created to give leaders and corporations powerful, science-backed tools to increase their impact and bottom line through an influential, trauma-informed, and empowering proven leadership approach.
With 25+ years of obsessive study of human behavior, Henry is also an award-winning master coach and consultant, working with celebrities, billionaires, influencers, executives, and leaders to help them in their personal lives and with the impact they have on those in whom they influence.
Henry is one of the stars in documentary “Perception: Seeing is Not Believing” with Trent Shelton, Tom Bilyeu, Lilian Garcia, and more. The movie has won “Best Picture” and “Best Documentary” at film festivals across the world.
Combining his many years of experience with music festivals, campaigns, emotional health, and partnerships, Henry is the founder of the Higher Love festival experience and campaign. In partnership with the Exit Festival and with some of the top world leaders and advisors, this campaign will positively impact over 10 million people internationally in 2023.

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